Motivational ABC's

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Being an ABC book, there are 26 chapters – one for each letter of the alphabet.

Each new chapter introduces 2, 3, or 4 new motivational subjects, so I suggest you keep the chapter pages open for at least a week before flipping.

Then each of the subject pages provides an insightful statement about each topic. 

Being spiral bound, the book stands up easily so is perfect for a desk, a bench top, or a bedside table.

Just flip to a new page each day, or each week depending on your needs. Or, use it like a Tarot deck and see where your fingers fall to find the inspirational message you need each day.

From even the simplest concepts you can expand their depth of meaning by looking for new ways to apply them to your life.

Since a picture tells a thousand words, I’ve included images that add colour and depth to each chapter, providing 105 pages of motivational inspiration.